We design and create high quality clothing and accessories. We may have been born in golf, but the functionality and expression of our brand makes WHAT BUNKERS work for all occasions - both on and off the course.

Driven by a passion of perfecting our products and new ways of thinking, we have #justonegoal. We want you to be able to reach your goal; to focus on the flagstick and not on the bunkers. Like our Hippo, we want you to focus on your goal and not the obstacles there may be on your path.

Our vision is not world domination. No, we are a family owned and driven company. We take pride in creating and perfecting, designing and inspiring. We want to invite you to be a part of our universe, to become a part of team WHAT BUNKERS. On our team we spend our time doing what we love with the people we love, and we applaud courage to go for the flagstick - #justonegoal 



The couple behind WHAT BUNKERS is a team in all aspects of life. Combined we have more than a decade of experience with procurement in the golfing industry, extensive experience with designing and an irrepressible desire for quirky details and special features. And not least, we have the utmost respect for our customers and ambassadors. We design, test and make adjustments, to ensure that we always deliver the perfect product.

The journey

The story about WHAT BUNKERS starts with Martin Bachmann eyeing an opportunity. He found that all golf apparel looked the same, and thought why not change things up! This is when the planning and designing, and even more planning began.

All savings were put into the dream, and as the first webshop was created while sitting at the dining table, the first 16 boxes found their new home in the couple’s living room. The number of boxes grew as more stores, proshops and teams came to know the new brand. The support made it possible for the couple to create a wider product range. Soon pants, shorts and outerlayers were added.

As the boxes threatened to take over their entire house, Martin and Kathrina decided to move the office and stock out of their private residence, and the first WHAT BUNKERS office was a reality in 2020. Soon golf bags were added to the product range, and the need for even more storage space made them move yet again. This time Martin, Kathrina and the office dog Marley, moved to what we now know as the WHAT BUNKERS headquarters in Hoerning, Denmark. 



Quirky details

We have a plan for all the products we design. Behind every garment and every accessory, there is an idea. We call it the quirky detail.
It might be that the length of the new polo shirt is juuuust right, so that it suits the perfect golf swing. Maybe it’s a new pattern which from a distance it looks like a cool random pattern, but up close it’s a herd of Hippos in a mix of perfectly matched colours. Or it could be a unique feature that gives you the easiest access to your rangefinder on our carrybags, or maybe a special contrast stitching on your polo shirt, which makes your outfit come together perfectly.


Designing and producing apparel that keeps shape and colour after wearing and washing, reduces the need to buy new clothing. Your WHAT BUNKERS® apparel is long lasting - both in function and style.   

One of the functions we provide is Polygiene®, with their STAYS FRESH technology. It makes your garment stay fresh longer, and reduces the need for washing. This is beneficial for both you and the environment.

The best in the business of recycling plastic bottles is Repreve®. Our collaboration with them makes it possible for us to use the finest polyester fibres made of plastic bottles in our garments. Resources that would have ended up in the ocean, are instead used to produce new long lasting garments for you.  


With our name, our Hippo and in our DNA, there is a focus on the target and not possible obstacles. When you focus on the bunker, the risk of ending up there is greater. If you do as our Hippo and stay focused on your goal, you will not be distracted and lose focus on obstacles on your way - #justonegoal


We love when you join our universe and share your experiences and photos. Follow our social channels and be a part of the team - we can't wait to see you with your new gear!

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