WHAT BUNKERS used Repreve® fibers in this garment.

The world's leading recycled fiber is made for the good of tomorrow. 

WHAT BUNKERS and polygiene

In addition to Repreve® we treated this garments with Polygiene®. Not only does it kill 99% of bacteria that cause unwanted odor, it is actually advocates using Your garments more times between washes.

"wear more. wash less. Polygiene wants to see a world where we wash half as often, and where products last more than twice the time they do today. There are enormous positive environmental gains to be achieved from this. For instance, just skipping one out of ten washes leads to a reduction in total toxicity, lower CO2 emissions, and the release of fewer microplastics. A garment that lives nine months longer saves 16% CO2, 20% water, and 8% waste in its environmental footprint. And why stop at nine months, if the clothes stay fresh and look new?"